Department of Corrections

Division of Correctional Industries

1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910


Directors Office: 719-226-4206


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Contact Area Title Email Phone
Jessica Warren Directors Office Director, Correctional Industries and TakeTWO 719-226-4206
Paul Smith Directors Office Associate Director 303-478-4213
Vacant / Interim Directors Office Directors Assistant and Staff Resource Coordinator 719-226-4206
Stephen Hughes Directors Office Finance Manager 719-661-4176
Kira Houpis Directors Office Budget and Policy Analyst 719-318-7303
Brian Braden Directors Office Life Safety Coordinator 719-240-1280
Chris Brown Directors Office Marketing and Communications Manager 720-203-3892
Jason Kravig Southern Operations Manager, Southern Sector 719-792-2056
Dennis Delong Southern Manager, Heavy Equipment and SWIFT 719-924-0372
Lucas Crocker Southern Manager, License Plate Manufacturing and Sign Shop 719-269-4205
Joe Carochi Southern Manager, Farm, WHIP, Metal Manufacturing 719-429-7797
Dominic Moschetti Southern Metal Manufacturing Supervisor 719-269-4553
Casey Nutter Northern Operations Manager, Northern Sector 303-253-0400
Greg Carwin Northern Manager, Leather, Garments, K9 719-792-2085
Todd Cowens Northern Manager, Printing, E470,Coffee, General Services, Surplus 720-415-1451
Michele Wayland Northern K9 Supervisor 719-429-0764
Jeff Pettee Northern Surplus Property Supervisor 303-253-4096
Darin Sillaman   Canteen Manager 719-431-4117
Ordering   Send orders to our order entry inbox 719-269-4532 or 269-4724