My name is Jude and, to be perfectly honest, I was a bit of a punk when I ended up as a stray in a local shelter. I'm obviously a male pit bull mix and seemed really young but their vet thought I'm probably just over 1 year old so all of that was working against me too. I didn't have any manners and my energy level was off the charts so I was a handful. That's when they contacted 'the prison' and I was sentenced to some intensive training. Since I've been here I've learned a lot and I am super social with people. One of my favorite things is to walk on the yard with my handler because I get a lot of attention. I mean, just look at my handsome mug. Can you blame them? I love all the attention that I get when I politely sit down and then they come and pet me. If I had known that's all I needed to do for attention and belly rubs I probably would have started doing that a long time ago! I am still a big exuberant player at over 50#'s so finding a doggie friend that can match my size and play style will be important. I'll definitely need some reminding about my training if I get over-excited so small dogs, cats or little kids are probably not a good fit for my next home. I'm ready to parole and my 'bail' (adoption fee) is just $650 which includes a lifetime of support for my training. Just fill out an adoption application and email to get on my visiting list in Canon City. I'm ready for a fresh start!

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