My name is Mari and I am a 3 year old female shepherd mix. I was a stray and it's clear that I've had a rough start in life and have the demeanor of a typical "little brown Rez dog", passing through 2 different rescues before the prison program took me in to give me a chance at a new life. I am about 35 pounds and I'm very sweet once I have a chance to bond with you. I get very nervous around a lot of commotion (I'm in prison!) but I get more confident every day because I'm getting a LOT of socialization. I've done really well with the training part of this situation and have shown that I am very smart and playful once I'm comfortable in a new place. When I get to run in the yard to play for exercise I get so excited with the zoomies and will run in a circle very fast and check in with you every lap or two. They are also working with me and other dogs to show me that I don't have to feel threatened by them and I'm making great progress so it would really help me to have another appropriate, confident doggie companion that can help continue that.

What you can expect when you first meet me is that I might pancake on the floor but just give me a few minutes and I'll be gently coming to your side to lay my chin on your leg and draw you into my melting brown eyes. Even though I act afraid at times I have never even thought of putting my teeth on a human but I have snapped at other dogs if they come on too strong. If you can find it in your heart to bring me into your home I will continue to blossom into my full potential as a loving companion. My adoption fee is $650 and includes all my vetting, microchip and a lifetime of support for my training. Complete an adoption application and email to ask about getting an interview to meet me in Denver

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