Rip is my name and I am a frisky 1 year old male Jack Russell Terrier mix. I'm a little 14 pound bundle of energy with a mind of my own! But don't let that scare you because once I form a bond with you, my fearless leader, I am very affectionate and just want to please you and work for you. Because of my breed I have a strong PLAY drive and I get along well with all types of dogs. I love to chase balls, play fetch and know some cool tricks, too. We're also known for digging and I've shown a little of that behavior so keep that in mind if you have some expensive landscaping - LOL! I'm sure I can keep out of trouble as long as you don't let me get bored. Since I came from a shelter as a stray, not much is known about my past history so we'll have to see about cats as I might think it's more fun to chase them - especially if they run! My handler thinks I'd be a great family dog and it would be best for me to meet really little kids but if they're big enough to throw a ball for me I'm betting we'll be best friends forever. I am great fun to be around and may whine a little in my crate (because I want to get out and PLAY!) but get over it quickly and respond to correction. Let's meet in Denver soon! I'm raring to go and can parole soon for a $650 adoption fee. Just complete an adoption application and email to set up an interview. 

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