Garment Factory

Our American and Colorado flag price list is linked below.  To order, please submit a purchase order/purchase requisition to, or call 719-269-4532 to order with a credit card.  Shipping costs will be determined when the order is placed.

Flags Price List

For additional information, please contact at the factory

The CCI Garment factory manufactures all uniforms for incarcerated adults as well as embroidering name tapes and badges for DOC staff uniforms. Besides uniforms, the most popular product manufactured here are American and Colorado flags, as well as DOC flags, and a variety of Agency, City, County, and School flags.  We also make custom flags and banners for a multitude of uses.  If you have artwork for your flag or banner, we can make it!

Our embroidery department can make virtually any design, whether it is a state seal, agency logo, or any other design you want to place on shirts, hats, jackets, bags, or whatever product you need.  

In addition to the more standard items mentioned above, we also have private contracts to manufacture custom items like protective clothing, custom housekeeping bags, tool bags and pouches, and resistance bands for exercise equipment.  We have more than 50 incarcerated staff working on these custom products, earning prevailing wage.  If you have a textile product and need someone to manufacture it, contact us to find out if we can partner with you.


For more information or a quote, please contact:

Supervisor, Irene Buckingham at 719-775-7672 or 

Manager, Greg Carwin at 719-792-2085 or